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Road Angels November 21, 2008

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Today, I had a extraordinary experience!  I had gone to goodwill for a 50% sale and ended up locking the keys in the truck of my mother’s car which I was borrowing while she was at work.  I realized soon after I had also forgotten my cell phone at her apartment.  It was a beautiful sunny day so Zarek and I decided to walk back to her apartment since I at least had the key to open her door and it was only a couple of miles.  Well, of course, my four year old grew very tired of walking so I looked around a saw a police car.  Great, I bet he will help us out!  I told the officer my dilema and he said the only thing he could do was bust out my window or call a tow truck which would cost me at least $45 or more to unlock the doors.  Umm, no thank you.  I asked him if he could give us a ride up the road to my mom’s apartment since my young one was tired of walking and it was only a couple of miles away.  He told me no it was not in his jurisdiction. Ugh, Ok. I asked if he could just give us a ride to the next big intersection which was less than a mile away. No, it is not in my jurisdiction.  Ok, so we left.  What are cops good for anyways? Does anyone know?  Well we continued walking up the side road beside the highway and Zarek was whining so we stopped and I realized I was going to require some help.  I stuck out my thumb.  I have never hitch hiked before so I was very nervous and every time a car started coming I put my thumb back down.  Finally, I decided to ask my angels for help.  “Angels, please send us a ride to my mom’s apartment which is safe for me and my son, thank you,” I prayed.  (It is my belief I have at least three or more angels with me always and Zarek has at least three so together we are covered.)  The moment after I prayed and looked up a truck pulled over and a very friendly man asked if I could use a ride. Wow, talk about instantaneous!  “Yes, thank you,” I said and told him our story.  He took us to my mom’s and offered a ride back to our car if I had an extra key. I told him we did not and would be able to pick it up after my mother got off work since she had the spare.  He gave me his card and said if I ever needed anything to give him a call.  Wow.  My angels sent me an angel.  Thank you universe!


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