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Free Loading December 4, 2008

As you are traveling around our world as a vagabond there will be days when you crave a warm bath or shower, a snuggly bed, and a clean toilet. In my experience as a traveling mama with little to no money I have learned to use our money sparingly and usually for fuel and food, though I have found ways to get around these as well. As for sleeping, there are several ways to sleep for free and free loading sites have become one of my best friends. You can register with the sites below, for free, and fill out your profile information, upload photos, and say a little about yourself so hosts will get an idea of who you are and eagerly look forward to having you stay in their homes. Then start searching for profiles of people in the areas you will be traveling through who are offering their homes to travelers. Each one is unique as each living situation is unique so you may stay for one night or one week and with a story to tell each time. I have found this to be a great opportunity to meet local people and experience the area in a non-touristy way and sometimes you even allow your hosts to see their community in a whole new perspective.
The original site for hosts around our world offering their homes to travelers.
To register with this site you must also have a place to offer. Give and take site. I was able to register by offering an extra bed in my R.V. in areas I will be parked.


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