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Ride Share November 21, 2008

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One of my favorite ways to travel is by ride share.  We are in Fort worth, Tx now and will be leaving for Arizona on the 23rd of November for a family Thanksgiving gathering with a ride I found on Craigslist.  I always ask my potential ride if they have a myspace page or could tell me a little info and send a pic.  I’m going to be traveling long distances with someone and I choose to be compatible and safe with my four year old.  It is a win win situation since you both share gas, take turns driving, and have company along the way plus you are being eco friendly by car pooling.  Awesome!

Here are a couple of great rideshare sites:  Google craigslist with the city you are in and you can post where you are desiring to go or just keep checking other people’s posts of rides they are offering.  You have to register and keep logging in to check if anything is available.

Or you can hitch hike, many of my friends have done it across our world and have interesting stories and have met some great people traveling this way. 

Another way is by bus.  The grey hound bus is usually inexpensive and can get you into most cities around our country and even to small towns.  Or you could get your own bio deisel bus and pick up hitchhikers along your way.  This is usually my way of traveling and I always post to craigslist when leaving out of cities and will be doing so when I return to Texas in my new old R.V.  My favorite rideshare experience was in my purple bus leaving an Earthdance festival in which I fit 18 people from  7 different countires in my 20 ft bus.  My bus would only go 25 miles mph up northern California’s windy roads and we stopped continuously for bathroom breaks and ended up camping in a redwood forest before reaching our destination in Arcata.  It was wonderful!



Running Diesel engines on vegetable oil November 18, 2008

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Here is a clip from myth busters in which they experiment running a deisel engine on filtered vegetable oil without doing any type of conversion to car.  I wonder if I can run my Deisel R.V. on filtered vegetable oil and use a hydrogen bubbler to increase mileage?  I was researching on how to convert my R.V. to run on vegetable oil, perhaps I have found an alternative……



Hydrogen Bubbler November 17, 2008

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Here is a clip on how to make a hydrogen bubbler.  It is suppose to increase your gas mileage.  I plan to film the process of me and my crew recreating this and letting you know if it really works and how easy or challenging it is to find the parts and put it together.