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Commons on the Alemeda December 6, 2008

In Santa Fe, New Mexico there is a beautiful intentional community called Commons on the Alemeda which has been there for 16 years and welcomes any visitors. The community is composed of 28 homes sitting on 5 acres of land with cars parked in the outside circumference. There is around 70 people and at least 15 of those people young children. As a member of the community you are a co-owner of common areas and have limited ownerships of structures which are mostly stucco and adobe in style with each unit renting for $55. Wow, can you imagine paying only $55 a month in rent for your own space? Twice weekly they come together and share meals and switch turns on who cooks and who cleans, each person has one kitchen shift per week. They have a small organic orchard with peaches, apricots, and apples for anyone to partake and a small community garden which is expanding. Together they work on projects to support river restoration and community clean up campaigns with no expectations only on a volunteer basis. From my experience of speaking with a member who has been there for 14 years the community appears more like a big extended family where resources, materials, and lives are shared together. With rent being so cheap one can have all their basic needs taken care of a person has the ability to thrive and not just survive.


Intentional Community plus Sacred Site! November 13, 2008

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Check this out, Damanhur is one of our world’s leading founders in intentional community and living, they host seminars frequently on how to create ecovillages and keep communities alive, successful, and strong.  It is located in Northwestern Italy.  The community also has a collection of temples which have been built over four powerful Earth ley lines.  They all synchronistly meet in one place and this is where the temple sits!  Our team will be visiting this place very soon and I hope to perform a sacred ceremony inside the temples.


Intentional Communities USA November 4, 2008

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My list of top Intentional Community sites around USA