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Work Trade Resources November 18, 2008

Here is an awesome list of links for doing work trade around our world while traveling!

If you know of any more please contact me with info and link, thanks!


Running Diesel engines on vegetable oil

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Here is a clip from myth busters in which they experiment running a deisel engine on filtered vegetable oil without doing any type of conversion to car.  I wonder if I can run my Deisel R.V. on filtered vegetable oil and use a hydrogen bubbler to increase mileage?  I was researching on how to convert my R.V. to run on vegetable oil, perhaps I have found an alternative……



Nomads United

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My next adventure will start with our friends the Nomads United.  The Nomads are a group of culturely diverse people who have traveled on camels and horse back in different parts of our world for the past ten years to promote global cooling.  They host workshops about living sustaneably, planting trees, community living, and a variety of other subjects and put on a cultural performance with a message of peace in each community they travel through.  They have also facilitated 3 reforestation festivals with people coming from all over our world to participate in the planting of fruit trees.  I am very excited about joining up and learning all they have to teach me and filming our journey on horseback! 

Check them out at


Hydrogen Bubbler November 17, 2008

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Here is a clip on how to make a hydrogen bubbler.  It is suppose to increase your gas mileage.  I plan to film the process of me and my crew recreating this and letting you know if it really works and how easy or challenging it is to find the parts and put it together. 


We have options November 15, 2008

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Last night I listened as a beautiful woman broke down and cried because she did not have enough money to pay her bills.  My heart went out so strongly and tears rose up in my eyes with the remberence of my own desperate feelings of despair.  I would have hugged her if she had been open and not so angry.  I recall not knowing I had options.  I thought I had to have a home and pay bills and own a car and live in a city.  It was all I had known and I had no clue there were people living happily with their basic needs met very comfortably in alternative ways.

I feel the agony which was inside me and perhaps this particular woman is the way our hearts tell us there is another way to live, we have options.  There are other ways to exist more harmoniously in which we can share our responsibilities of daily life.  We do not have to do what we don’t like to do in order to “make” money.  My purpose for the ecotravelers is to search out and find all the alternatives possible to mainstream living.  Did you know many people work in society and live in a community where they have their own house at a drastically reduced cost while sharing land, materials, food, childcare, skills, and communion with others? Did you know you can grow your own organic food and it is by far healthier for you? Did you know you can live rent free by work trading a skill you possess.  Did you know by only doing exactly what you choose to do in every moment you will allow money and wealth to come to you?  Did you know you can travel our world with little to no money in your pocket?  Trust me I do it constantly and live in an excess of abundance! 

I commit to bringing you the knowledge of options and alternatives.  I desire to let people know we have a choice and what exactly those choices are.   I am making this my mission in life to seek out all alternatively living people and communities and showcase them to our world so you can be aware of your options. 

May your day be filled with love, laughter, and utter joy!

Tammy Thorn


Intentional Community plus Sacred Site! November 13, 2008

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Check this out, Damanhur is one of our world’s leading founders in intentional community and living, they host seminars frequently on how to create ecovillages and keep communities alive, successful, and strong.  It is located in Northwestern Italy.  The community also has a collection of temples which have been built over four powerful Earth ley lines.  They all synchronistly meet in one place and this is where the temple sits!  Our team will be visiting this place very soon and I hope to perform a sacred ceremony inside the temples.


Building with natural materials

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Here are few great websites which explain and offer natural building workshops and videos:

Here is a video from Kleiworks

Building with straw bales, cob, and recycled materials



A video about straw bale building