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Free Loading December 4, 2008

As you are traveling around our world as a vagabond there will be days when you crave a warm bath or shower, a snuggly bed, and a clean toilet. In my experience as a traveling mama with little to no money I have learned to use our money sparingly and usually for fuel and food, though I have found ways to get around these as well. As for sleeping, there are several ways to sleep for free and free loading sites have become one of my best friends. You can register with the sites below, for free, and fill out your profile information, upload photos, and say a little about yourself so hosts will get an idea of who you are and eagerly look forward to having you stay in their homes. Then start searching for profiles of people in the areas you will be traveling through who are offering their homes to travelers. Each one is unique as each living situation is unique so you may stay for one night or one week and with a story to tell each time. I have found this to be a great opportunity to meet local people and experience the area in a non-touristy way and sometimes you even allow your hosts to see their community in a whole new perspective.
The original site for hosts around our world offering their homes to travelers.
To register with this site you must also have a place to offer. Give and take site. I was able to register by offering an extra bed in my R.V. in areas I will be parked.


Raw Food Diet and Resources November 18, 2008

I live on raw superfoods daily and highly recommend them to anyone wishing high energy and clarity.  I went all raw to keep up with my very energetic four year old and have enough energy to “play” with my own projects. From what I understand the superfoods work on several levels of our body and raise our body’s vibration and actually help us reverse cancer, diabetes, and our aging process.  I drink a super raw drink daily called Chocolate Bliss which contains Mayan Gold Cacao Powder, Hemp seeds, Coconut Flour, Maca, MSM, Carob, Tocotrienols, camu camu berries, acerola berries, amia berries, blueberries, cherry, rasberry, cranberry, manioc root, buckwheat berry sprouts, rose hips fruit, psyllium seed powder, bioperine, Rhodiola Rosea, and sun fire salt and I add another combination called Rainforest Rush to it which contains, spirulina, maca, guarana, yerba mate, wheat berry sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, and some other green goodness and sweeten this potent combination with raw vanilla agave or raw unfiltered honey!  Oh yes, it is yummy!

Here are some great sites to learn more about superfoods:

David Wolfe unleashed and rawking!

Personally, I order my superfoods online at, the products here are shipped with no expedients, radiation, and organic and pristine in quality.  The owners are very knowledgable and will happily answer any questions.

My favorite site for recipes, resources, and events is

Now my son, Zarek, he is a vegetarian and goes through stages of eating only one thing for a couple of weeks, like potatoes or bean burritos, and I found an awesome supplement for him called juice plus.  Juice plus is raw fruits and vegetables which have been juiced and dried and made into capsules, chewables, and gummies with no msgs, artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, or synthetics.  Zarek loves the gummies, they taste great and I can be ok with him making his own food choices.  I became a distributor to help other mamas with their picky eaters too.


 Here are some rawsome retreats I will be visiting and filming in near future:  in Costa Rica, I hope to go there this year after filming with Nomads United  in Puerto Rico is a retreat where you can learn how to create your own raw foods and become a raw food chef while detoxing and cleansing your body in the process. is a raw food retreat and spiritual rejuvenation center in Pantagonia, AZ which offers sweat lodges, yoga, kabbalah, conscious eating workshops, spiritual nutrition and various workshops on health and cancer treatment.  The founder Gabriel Cousens is a world renowned author and authority on holistic healing.

Here is a clip with Gabriel Cousens on Spiritual Nutrition

Alive and Conscious Eating

Gabriel Cousens on fasting