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My Raw Thanksgiving November 30, 2008

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So I arrived safe and sound with my rideshare from craigslist. I had a wonderful experience driving to Arizona from Texas with my new friend Joe and look forward to staying in touch with him. I love rideshare!

Our Thanksgiving day was exhilerating with 19 family and friends sharing stories and opinions. I am the only raw foodist in our group, not sure if anyone actually knew what I meant when I said “I only eat raw foods now,” since they kept trying to take me out to eat and feed me lots of really cooked food. I stuck to it and was not even influenced a tiny bit. I created for myself and others a mushroom and spinach salad and a sunflower veggie dip and drank Chocolate Biss all day and had a raw cashew cookie for dessert.YUM! It was a very interesting experience and I now feel I have a better insight into who my family members are as individuals. I have always been the odd ball out and done things very differently from others, so I outcome mapped exactly how I desired my experience this Thanksgiving to go and it was beautiful and insightful.

I am thankful for my family.
I am thankful for my friends.
I am thankful for my ability to create my own world exactly as I choose it to be.
I am thankful for surprises.
I am thankful for my love in my heart.
I am thankful for living on my physical plane and having my individual experience.
I am thankful for my wealth.
I am thankful for my concious awareness.
I am thankful for my experience of conscious language.
I am thankful for Raw Superfoods.
I am thankful for my divine partner.
I am thankful for my $5,000 which is helping me create my ecotravelers project.
I am thankful for my R.V which always get me where I choose to be.
I am thankful Zarek and I are always abundantly taken care of by our universe.
I am thankful for you.